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Project Background

In 2018, the New Yorker published a story about a company in Japan, in which the employees are hired to perform as family members for any number of social, political, professional, or emotional reasons.


Digging into the psychology of this behaviour, and recognising what drives it within ourselves emotionally, is what sparked the idea for this film.

I Want To Make You Happy has now entered the festival circuit and is not yet available to view online. Please get in touch should you have any questions about the film.

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I Want To Make You Happy follows Tim, a man with a job that requires him to pretend he's the father in around 10 different single parent families, and he's really good at it.


Trouble arises when one of his previous 'daughters' learns about the lie and tracks him down. The company say they're taking care of it, but then Tim learns that her mother passed away and that no-one's looking after her. He has to decide between his own happiness, or the happiness of all of his other families.


Director: Ben Mallaby

Producer: Rebekah Renford

Writers: Mark Brennan & Paul F. Taylor

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